Short bio: Justin Flom was born 1986, and has not passed away yet.

Slightly longer bio:

Magician Justin Flom has been a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show, been viewed 5 millions times on YouTube and shared on hundreds of thousands of Facebook pages. At just 26 years old, Flom regularly takes the stage at the famous Hollywood Magic Castle and has performed throughout the world in 26 countries.

At 18 Justin headlined his own show in Branson, MO and later his own theatre called The Magic Parlor and Imaginary Theatre. Since leaving Branson, Justin got married, moved to Vegas and started creating original magic to share with millions on television and YouTube.


Justin was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He grew up in a performing family (two younger brothers and a younger sister) where his dad did magic and ventriloquism and his mother was the beautiful assistant, wife and mother.  His parents took him to his first magic get-together when he was only two months old.  He performed his first magic trick at the age of two.  Since then performing has been a part of his life and a true passion.

Justin graduated from Bethany Academy High School in Bloomington, MN and immediately started touring with professional magicians to learn at their feet.  At the age of 18 he moved to Branson, Missouri where he was the youngest headliner in town at the Branson Mall Music Theatre. The following year, the Flom’s took an empty space above a restaurant and built a 108 seat theatre from nothing. Five years and 10 shows a week made Justin the performer he is today.

While in Branson, Justin met a beautiful girl from Arkansas and they were married July 23rd 2009.  She is his biggest encourager and helper.  She now travels with Justin wherever he goes.